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What we do?

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    With insight, creative thinking and a vast store of experience in just about every imaginable aspect of information technology, we provide everything from solutions to small roadblocks, to complete organizational technology makeovers.

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    Maximize communication with everyone related to your organization with the best tools available. As designers and developers of web systems large and small, we can integrate and streamline everything related to your web presence.

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    The engine that runs your organization is now more powerful, less expensive, and faster to implement than ever before. More than just another system, CRM can and should be the hub around which all activities revolve.

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    Content Creation

    Creative direction and visual solutions for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Our team is equipped to create from beginning to end a content strategy customized for your brand marketing and ecommerce needs.”

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Recent work?

  • JUMP AppSolutions - Application and Review Management Software
  • Microsoft CRM & Salesforce CRM
  • Kentico Website Development
  • Media & Design
  • Application and Review Management Software

    JUMP AppSolutions was launched in 2012 as a division of BMM after a generation in the making. From its origin as a custom application and reviewer solution, JUMP continues to build an impressive client list as its product continually evolves and now encompasses web-based applications and references, reviewer management and assignment, and a management dashboard and control panel enabling grant and fellowship managers to monitor and control every step in the process.

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics & Salesforce CRM

    These state of the art CRM systems can now do almost everything imaginable for an unprecedented value. A perfect fit for both the smallest and largest organizations, available from the cloud or installed on-premise, they are application platforms which can be adapted to any requirement. Among many other things, including email blasts, flexible and sophisticated querying and reporting, mail merge, workflow and so on, several of our clients run almost their entire websites with data directly published from CRM!

  • Kentico Xperience Website Development

    Kentico Xperience has been our preferred choice for web content managements systems. Kentico provides a unique development model that makes developers more productive and offers the end user a user friendly editing environment.

  • Content Creation

    From still photography, film and video, to media concept strategy creation, BMM is available to help your company needs.

Our Clients